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The Mower Mission is multi-generational. The Mowers are dedicated to providing Sisel Safe Products enabling you to take back your life in the areas of health, wealth and happiness.

Proven Effectiveness

Beneficial and non harmful ingredients is the 1st order of business with every Sisel product in keeping with the Mower Mission. Tom’s method is to research the research and only utilize ingredients that are beneficial and impactful.

Life-Changing Products!

Sensational Products - and that's exactly what Sisel has! Sisel International manufactures the world's most scientifically advanced products for Wellness, Weight Loss, Sports-Performance and Age-Reversal.

Reliable Research

Many of Sisel's products have greater amounts of beneficial ingredients at lower prices than can be found in other products on the market. Many of these products are protected by patents which means you will not find comparable products anywhere.

About Tom Mower

Over three decades ago, the late Tom Mower, Sr. came to a shocking realization: He found that many of the same harsh chemicals used in industrial-strength cleaners were also used in common household personal care items. These chemicals were reported to pose health risks when in contact with the skin. Why would personal care products contain chemicals that do so much damage?

Tom, along with his son Tom, Jr., was determined to spread the word and find alternatives to these potentially harmful ingredients. And so began the Mowers' quest to produce a historic explosion of activity—a new awakening in the health and wellness community called the Mower Mission.

Sisel International stands out far above and beyond all of the other companies in the global marketplace, and where Sisel International totally dominates a niche market that their unique products have created.

Bill Whitely

Because of SISEL’s truly incredible products I look better and younger than I did five years ago!

Jackie Christiansen

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