•Provides 40 antioxidants and 74 trace minerals
•Helps prevent some forms of cancer
•Neutralizes over 2200 free radical families
•Improves strength of brain function
•Supports energy production and focus
•Provides a full day’s supply of essential nutrition
•Promotes normal hormone function
•Improves oxygen utilization
•Boosts immune system function
•Assists in delaying the aging process
•Formulates new cells
•Develops healthy joints
•Boosts enzyme creation
•Reduces oxidative stress
•Improves blood health
•Provides protection to the nervous system
•Supports disease caused by mineral deficiency
•Supports healthy function of every system of the body with organic fulvic acid


SpectraMaxx fills in the gaps in our modern diets by providing the broadest spectrum of antioxidants and trace minerals ever contained in a single bottle. By combining the incredible ingredients of Spectra AO and SupraMaxx into a powerful supersaturated formula, Sisel has created the world’s first mega-tonic.

One keys to SpectraMaxx’s effectiveness is fulvic acid, one of the most essential substances for all life on Earth. By breaking minerals down into tiny ionic particles absorbable by the roots, fulvic acid enables plants to get the nutrition they need to power important functions like photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Without fulvic acid, most of the edible plants in the world wouldn’t survive, and the entire food chain would collapse.

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