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Join our global solution for instant cross-border value transfers for the blockchain-based economy, it's many Divisions, KBC, Cash Gold, Gold Mines, Crypto Banks, Coins, Affiliates, Countries, NEW K1 IMPULSE Cell phone, ATM / CEM, WHIM Laptop, Blockchain, K-Merchants and more...


CEO, Harald Seiz.

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Karatbars and Gold Standard stores tonnes of gold for new payment system

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kbc is listED on 17 trade Exchanges with dozens more coming

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Read all about Karatbars, it's many divisions, coins, mines, banks, affiliates, countries, blockchain, exclusive  New IMPULSE K1 cell phone, WHIM laptop  and more...

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Karatbars Presents World’s First VOBP Blockchain Laptop

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A. First Blockchain laptop in the world. Totally virus free and unhackable

B. Runs on Windows as well as Karatbars Operating System

C. The laptop doubles up as a CEM. There is a mini screen on the top that is also a Point of Sale. Can scan bar codes on the top side of the screen.

D. The laptop will never run out of space as your data is stored on the blockchain. So for the first time you have unlimited storage.

E. It synchs with your phone instantly.

F.  Created by Karatbars "Ovidiu". 



 Military-grade security 



 Voice Over Blockchain Protocol 

 VOBP uses peer-to-peer encryption that can not be hacked or manipulated in the current state of the art. 


  • Check out this “press release” at one of the biggest Crypto News Hubs in the world "Coin Telegraph" regarding our Impulse K-1 Smart phone HERE 

2020 Final Countdown GOLD Asset Packages Karatbars

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Newest KARATBARS commercial - The IMPulse K1 phone & WHIM

  • The IMPulse K1 Smartphone has now a trusted partner: the WHIM Laptop! Designed to shield your conversations, file transfers and online payments, using the VOBP technology and Matrix ID, the innovative devices now become your most secure personal assistants. Be ready to enjoy the multiple benefits of the future. 

KaratGold Coin KBC - is the Real Digital Gold


Functionial and Real

This is where KaratGold Coin comes into the picture. Through the K-Merchant e-commerce application, users can buy and sell KaratGold Coin with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various fiat currencies. They can spend their KaratGold Coin at any of the thousands of vendors already integrated with the app.

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More Trend Setting - CashGold ATM/CEM Machines

Important 2020 news from our CEO Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz



What To Know About Blockchain-Powered Cross-Border Value Transfers

Karatbars K-Merchant

 Cryptocurrency Point of Sale is now here! 

Before you make your DECISION...hear My Promise to you - Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz

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